INSIGHTS #70: Future of Beauty and Personal Care: Tracking the evolution of the category in India

Aug 06, 2021 57




  • 0:00 to  – 6:25: Introductions and beginnings! Darpan isn’t your average CEO, and MyGlamm wasn’t born without some serious on-ground work that began with a keen interest in brands, and a never-say-never attitude. 
  • 6:30 to 10:51: Prashanth’s thoughts on the brand space with specific insight into BPC, and what is unique about the sector. 
  • 10:53 to 20:45: How Darpan navigated this space from an entrepreneur point of view. How did Darpan decide what product to launch with?
  • 20:50 to 24:00: Prashanth gives us the investor perspective. 
  • 24:03 to 27:51: What are the challenges and advantages that startups face in this segment, when they come up against the goliath brands that have been around for longer. 
  • 27:52 to 30:40: Darpan tells us how he learnt from the foundations of the business, and in the BPC space the challenges that exist, are actually opportunities in disguise. 
  • 30:35 to 31:45: Prashanth on how brands and businesses have to look to survive. How they must leverage the offline muscle that they built, to stay relevant in digital times. 
  • 31:5o to 34:47: Does Darpan believe in the offline sales concept as well? How does it apply to his D2C brand and platform? 
  • 34:50 to 39:20: The impact that COVID-19 has had on this industry and the surprises that came along with it! 
  • 39:22 to 46:55 : Internet penetration in India has been far more successful and higher than the BPC penetration. What does this mean for aspiring companies in this space? 
  • 47:00 to 55:34 – What does the future hold for BPC brands as well as the broader D2C segment. Our experts have predictions, aspirations, and hope for the future. 


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