INSIGHTS #69: GRIT Stories | The most resilient Indian startup you haven’t heard of

Jul 23, 2021 61



  • 2:44-3:45: Baskars Story; Coming from a small time; being dyslexic but still finding a connect with the computers
  • 3:45:20-5:14:09: First business stint in grade 11! Building financial products from small businesses!
  • 07:45:23-09:19: Making the decision of leaving Texas Instruments although being a top coder there and thoughts on starting up
  • 16:34-19:06: Amagi Story: Empowering the smaller players to advertise on TV!
  • 20:30-22:36: Challenges faced operationally; Extensive traveling in tier-2 cities; facing the cable mafia and getting them onboard!
  • 25:23-28:34: Facing the problem of scale and changing the targeting through research on larger brands
  • 32:48-39:03: Friction with the TV channels; Broadcasters v/s Amagi
  • 35:51-38:59: Changing the model and almost starting afresh; tough times as a founder!
  • 41:16-44:22: Grit of continuing even during tough times; Unconditional support from the employees

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