Masterclass #7: Lessons from Myntra on how to build a long-lasting marketplace

Nov 22, 2022

Masterclass #7: Lessons from Myntra on how to build a long-lasting marketplace

What does it take to build a timeless marketplace? Time.

Long-lasting marketplaces have little to do with restless hustling, and a lot to do with clear research and balancing gut calls with data calls. You can trust that bit of wisdom because it comes from Mukesh Bansal who knows the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in India more intimately than most.

As founder of Myntra, head of commerce and advertising at Flipkart, and now as founder-CEO at, the relentless entrepreneur has sold fashion, fitness, and almost everything in between.

Mukesh was one of the first startup folk to have brought the Bay Area ethos to the Bengaluru ecosystem. Over the last 15 years, he has steered companies through teething problems, pivoting and scaling missions, as well as acquisitions.

In this part of a series of conversations sponsored by Accel, Mukesh shares his favourite entrepreneurial hits and misses. Joining him is Subrata Mitra of Accel who has been among Mukesh’s earliest backers. He shares wisdom not just for the benefit of founders but also for venture capitalists as they go from backing two to four to 20 companies.

Over the course of chatting with Pankaj Mishra, the duo sum up their journey so far in many quotable quotes.


Over the past decade and a half, new-age marketplaces in India have transformed how people buy and sell products and services. From Flipkart to Swiggy, Urban Company, and Zetwerk, each has reimagined “the bazaars,” shaping the future of commerce and livelihood in India.

Starting November 3rd, we will share stories from the trenches about building and scaling these marketplaces, along with foundational lessons from their journeys.

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